​Today in this guide, you’ll get access to 5 ​best mtb shoes for flat pedals reviews that provide comfortable fit, stiff sole and great grip.

​Besides that, you’ll find out how to choose excellent mtb flat shoes later on. So check it now:

Top MTB Flat Pedal Shoes:

Image Product Details
sample-table__imageSHIMANO SH-AM7 Mountain Bike Shoes
  • Easy to clean lace guard
  • Asymmetric ankle guard
  • Great grip with Vibram sole
Check it on Amazon.com
sample-table__imageEditor's ChoiceAdidas outdoor Mens Terrex Trail Cross SL
  • Laced bungee lock
  • Breathable mesh
  • Great grip with Steal rubber outsole
Check it on Amazon.com
sample-table__imageFive Ten Freerider Contact Men's MTB Shoes
  • Hike and bike comfortably
  • Breathable mesh
  • Sticky and soft Mi6 stealth rubber
Check it on Amazon.com
sample-table__imagePearl iZUMi Men's X-ALP Launch Cycling Shoe
  • Stiff and durable
  • 15% lighter weight
  • Excellent grip with Double compound traction
Check it on Amazon.com
sample-table__imageGiro Jacket MTB Shoes
  • Stiff rubber outsole
  • EVA shock absorption
  • Superior grip
Check it on Amazon.com

​Best MTB Shoes for Flat Pedals Reviews:

​1. SHIMANO SH-AM7 Mountain Bike Shoes

 SHIMANO SH-AM7 Mountain Bike Shoes - Men's Black

Via Amazon.com

​Say hello to an incredible bike shoe that features a deep groove with plenty of room for spin and grip on rough terrain.

​Easy to clean lace guard

Easy to clean lace guard - SHIMANO SH-AM7 Mountain Bike Shoes

​Via nsmb.com

​The SH-AM7 mountain bike shoe outclasses the durability of its competition by featuring a lace guard that prevents dirt and mud from getting into the shoe.

​It has more optimum sole rigidity than most of its competitors due to its fiberglass-reinforced shank plate.

​Comfortable and fit you well

​Part of the perks of this shoe is the extra toe box volume to fit a broader range of different foot shapes.

​Protect Your Toe and Ankle

Protect Your Toe and Ankle​ - SHIMANO SH-AM7 Mountain Bike Shoes

Via nsmb.com

​With the sturdy toe box design, your toe will feel very protected. And if you have a wide foot, these shoes will fit well right out of the box.

​While it is easy to clean, the ankle guard in the AM7 is a brilliant addition that protects your ankle from getting caught in the crank.

​Nice grip in sole

Nice grip in sole - SHIMANO SH-AM7 Mountain Bike Shoes

Via nsmb.com

​Shimano also adds strategic perforations to the bike shoe to optimize breathability.

​The included Vibram rubber outsole ensures the shoe has superior control and grip in all riding conditions.

​As a flat pedal shoe, the Shimano is designed to be lightweight for easy mobility.


​While this brand looks amazingly outstanding, I do have a few gripes:

Also, while the shoe takes a while to dry off after getting soaked, we did notice that there were no padding for the sole.

​And the upper layer felt a bit rough on the roof of the shoes.

​Aside from this, the bike boasts an excellent and reliable construction and fit you'd expect from Shimano.

​And all other features are creatively unique.


  • ​Looks badass
  • Vibram sole
  • Deep groove
  • Nice grip on tough terrain and flat pedals pins
  • Exclusive lace guard
  • Ankle guard
  • ​Easy to clean
  • Well-constructed
  • Comfortable and highly protective


  • ​Slow drying
  • ​Short Velcro
  • ​No padding for the sole
  • ​Rough upper layer design

​2. Adidas outdoor Mens Terrex Trail Cross SL

adidas outdoor Mens Terrex Trail Cross SL

Via Amazon.com

​The Outdoor Mens Terrex Trail Cross SL comes with a front rubber protective toe cap to against rocks and roots.

​Comfortable and Breathable Mesh

Comfortable and Breathable Mesh - adidas outdoor Mens Terrex Trail Cross SL

Via Amazon.com

​The Trail Cross SL offers a hybrid outdoor shoe design.

​Meaning, you’re getting a bike shoe that is abrasion-resistant and has a breathable mesh to keep your feet dry, and cool.

​It also has more stability support than most of its competitors. Thanks to its included Pro-Moderator™ support that lets you wear them on a long mile.

​You can also wear them on aggressive single track and enjoy excellent foot control and impact absorption.

​Stiff and Excellent Grip Sole

Stiff and Excellent Grip Sole - sole - adidas outdoor Mens Terrex Trail Cross SL

Via adidasoutdoor.com

​The exceptional feature here is the Stealth® rubber outsole that is stiff to give a firm grip in wet and muddy condition.

​The sole is a bit stiffer at the ball of your foot to transfer power to the pedals. And you'll be able to climb rooted rocky hills much more comfortably.

​Great for Rock and Wet Concrete

​It also comes with pedaling-specific lug patterns for a sturdy grip and maximized pedaling power.

​Also, the grip on the Terrex trail cross is great for mtbing on to rocks and wet concrete.

​It does seem like your feet are grabbing the pedal, but will still let you get off the bike with ease.

​Easily Fit

​The shoe is wide enough to fit any foot thrown at it comfortably. And the toe box is a nice touch that is made to give your toes a comfortable feel.

laced bungee - adidas outdoor Mens Terrex Trail Cross SL

Via adidasoutdoor.com

​Unlike cheaper models, this one has a laced bungee, with a robust build quality that makes it more tactical and even casual.


​These shoes are a bit heavy, due to the thick, durable sole.


  • ​Great fit
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Superior rubber traction
  • Excellent grip
  • Great for mtbing on wet concrete
  • Sticks to the flat pedals
  • Super comfortable
  • Solid soles, tread, and max support
  • Lace system seal everything in line
  • Breathable fabric inside


  • ​A bit heavy
  • ​A bit pricey

​3. Five Ten Freerider Contact Men's MTB Shoes

Five Ten Freerider Contact Men's MTB Shoes

Via Amazon.com

​​5 10 Flat Pedal Shoes set the space with a high ranking bike shoe that offers more stiffness and cushion than the regular Freeriders.

​Shock Absorbing Shoes

​The included Mi6 stealth rubber is the softest, stickiest and most shock absorbing bike shoes you can find around with no slip off.

​Great Sticky to Flat Pedal

​Stiff and Excellent Grip Sole - Five Ten Freerider Contact Men's MTB Shoes

Via Amazon.com

​The outsole contact was significantly improved to be sticky to flat pedals than other brands we tested.

​You could literally hear them sticking to the floor the moment you wear them.

​The good news is that Mi6 sole also offers a first level of cushioning and damping for maximum support.

​After long hours on the pedals, and in the saddle, the ​thin protective shield eliminates any pressure points on the rider's feet.

​Meaning, you'll enjoy great protection and comfort as you ride along with this shoe.

​Comfortable to Walk Around

Comfortable to Walk Around - Five Ten Freerider Contact Men's MTB Shoes

Via Amazon.com

​The shoe also comes with an open mesh upper to give you great comfort during wet weather.

​When going for a hike-and-bike section, the shoes delivers ample comfort and excellent cushioning.

​By featuring a lightweight design, you’ll be able to walk around, while the toe box is squared a bit to give a perfect fit.

​I also liked the fact that the shoe has a midsole that keeps your feet from having contacts with sharp rocks and sticks.

​Toe Cap Protection from Rock

Toe Cap Protection from Rock - Five Ten Freerider Contact Men's MTB Shoes

Via Amazon.com

​Included also is the abrasion-resistant uppers alongside a reinforced toe cap to secure your toe from inevitable scrapes and toe stubbing.

​This means, running alongside rocks, roots and rough terrain will be comfortable due to the toe cap, aimed for protection.

​It also comes with good ankle support for being low top shoes.


Breathable mesh - Five Ten Freerider Contact Men's MTB Shoes

Via Amazon.com

​In terms of breathability, the included mesh does an excellent job of delivering enough ventilation.

​It comes with a mesh upper that is highly breathable to even when the shoes are in moisture.


​The Men's MTB is a great pair of shoes, but our look shows that they are NOT a hike and bike shoe.

​While they are great for short distances as a bike shoe, they aren't that good for hiking.

​In addition, they aren’t waterproof and has a way of narrowing the toes to have an odd fit.


  • Excellent grip
  • Good ankle support for being a low top
  • ​Sticky sole
  • ​Toe cap protection


  • ​Not waterproof
  • ​Pricey
  • ​Narrow toes
  • ​Not ideal for hiking

​4. Pearl Izumi Men's X-ALP Launch Cycling Shoe

Pearl iZUMi Men's X-ALP Launch Cycling Shoe

Via Amazon.com

​This Launch Cycling Shoe handled the combination of exceptional grip, traction and durability properly due to its Vibram® dual-density zonal outsole compounds.

​The perfect combination of these qualities makes this brand one of the most coveted bike shop around.

​Dual Compound Sole

Dual Compound Sole - Pearl Izumi Men's X-ALP Launch Cycling Shoe

Via Amazon.com

​It also sports a new feature called the Open, chevron-shaped lugs with Vibram® that is said to have an improved Megagrip compound in the heel and toe areas.

​But when compared to others in its class, the mega grip sole is still on the average. Nothing superfluous.

​While that is true, I also like the fact the sole worked brilliantly without interfering with the pedal. And still delivers long-lasting grip in all terrains and conditions.

​Extremely ​Lightweight MTB Flat Shoes

Extremely Lightweight

Via Amazon.com

​It's also lightweight designed (15% lighter than competitors) and sometimes you can feel nothing on your feet.

​A closer look shows this is extremely comfortable for riding all day like others on our list.

​Thanks to its Seamless bonded upper construction that ensures you get an unmatched comfort for mtbing many hours.

​Optimal Shock Absorbing Midsole

Optimal Shock Absorbing Midsole

Via Amazon.com

​An EVA midsole is also present for optimal shock absorption in case of hard landings.

​But inside the midsole is a ¾ shank, which offers stiffness to the shoe in the rear. And stops in front of the cleat to let the bike shoe to flex while you walk.

​This means you're getting a fairly walkable shoe that’s not too rigid while walking or pedaling.

Lace Closure

Lace Closure

Via Amazon.com

​You’ll also get a traditional lace closure for a perfect fit and maximum comfort. The good quality lace ensures that your foot is well cinched down.

​A little elastic loop is also present on the tongue to keep the laces from getting stuck up in the chain.

​Yes, there's also a reinforced toe cap to protect the toes against rocks, bumps and rough terrain.

​And you'll also get an Arch support that is neither tall nor particularly flat.


​While the grip on these shoes is one of the best around, other high-end brands like Adidas have more grip than these.

​So, if you’re looking for a stiff shoe to deliver more support, you might be disappointed.

​But the X-Alp is definitely going to work fine for leisure, and less demanding rides.


  • ​Synthetic sole
  • Lightweight
  • High ​riding performance
  • Protective and reinforced toe cap
  • Exceptional, traction and durability


  • ​Not ​so grippy

​5. Giro Jacket MTB Shoes

Giro Jacket MTB Shoes Dress Blue/Gum 37

Via Amazon.com

​Flat pedal riding is often an issue with most bike shoes, but the Jacket transforms that experience well by offering a Vibram MegaGrip rubber outsole.

​Superior Grip

​None of the other bike shoes out there has a rubber compound that came with an exceptional grip with stiffness as the Jacket MTB Shoes.

​Stiff Rubber Outsole

​Stiff Rubber Outsole - Giro Jacket MTB Shoes Dress Blue/Gum 37

Via Amazon.com

​The Vibram outsole in the Jacket MTB Shoes outpaced others due to the tough, stiff and durable design that transfers power to the pedal and can hold up well to abuse.

​The reason is that it is sewn in high wear areas, to keep it from separating from the uppers after intense use.

​The sole is sure of delivering permanent grip on pedals without slipping off. Yet, you'll still be able to lift your foot off the pedal pins and adjust them to any position.

​Reduce Shock Midsole

Reduce Shock Midsole -  Giro Jacket MTB Shoes Dress Blue/Gum

Via Amazon.com

​This bad boy can take a ton of beating and still remain stiff due to the Poron® XRD™ midsole.

​As a result, your toes are kept safe from stones and bumps without any issue.

​The Jacket MTB also reduces shock very well due to the low profile upper and an Eva Cushioning in the midsole.

​A big improvement is the included Poron XRD heel pad that reduces the impact of hard bailouts and landings.

​Easy Cleaning

easy clean - Giro_Jacket_Shoes

Via singletrackworld.com

​So far, they can clean up very well even when covered in mud.

​Dirt jumping, trail riding, and downhilling were also excellent on the Jacket MTB. And the fit in the Jacket MTB is better than other skater types of shoes around.

Breathable MTB Shoes


Via singletrackworld.com

​With ventilation of 15-20°C, the MTB shoes are surprisingly breathable and will never allow a soaked foot. You'll get plenty of air in your feet, thanks to the toe cap.

​And the best part is that the included Aegis® Microbe Shield also prevents the shoe from producing odor after long rides.


​It comes with no strap to keep the laces in place. And we also noticed it's hot in the inside during hot weather.


  • ​Fits perfectly well
  • Durable and Stiff Vibram outsole
  • Easy to clean even with mud
  • Excellent grip on the pedal
  • Durable and sturdy


  • ​No strap to keep laces in place
  • ​Hot
Best Shoes For Mountain Bike Flat Pedals

​How to Choose the ​Best Flat Pedal MTB Shoes:

​Comfort and Fit

Comfort and Fit

Via bikeradar.com

​A comfortable bike shoe that lets you ride over longer rides for more than 4 hours will definitely get the cake over others.

​So, ensure you find out if the shoe has any pressure points or seams that might rub your foot. You should break in to see how it feel before pedaling.

​In other words, it should able to fit the width and volume of your foot and have room for your toes.

​No discomfort, pain, or blood restriction should be associated with the shoe.



Via enduro-mtb.com

​This is ​key point for ​best mountain bike shoes for platform pedals as it transfers power to pedal.

​So make sure the shoe you are going for has a good sole that is great for flat pedal riding in dry and wet conditions.

​Also, find out if it has a Megagrip with a high performing sticky compound.

​The sole should have the best guarantee to give you the maximum level of comfort and durability.



​Stiffness in ​non clipless mtb shoes refers to the flexibility of the sole. The theory goes that the stiffer, the more power you can transfer to the pedal.

​Generally, the more expensive the shoe, the stiffer the sole. The less costly shoes tend to have nylon soles.

​Tread Pattern

tread pattern

Via mtbiking.com.au

​An included treated pattern in a shoe will allow for plenty of contact area with the pedal.

​This will also let you have a touch of flex in the toe area and a steady grip on the pedal.



​If you're going to be ​downhill, then you need a shoe with a good grip that has a soft rubber compound.

​Upper Material


​Most bike shoes are from man-made materials. But the top-of-the-range ones are frequently made of kangaroo leather, which is lovely stuff.

​You also want to consider ventilation and cleaning. Ventilation is better on shoes that have a mesh panel. But they are harder to clean.

​If you ride a lot in poor conditions, the man-made materials are much easier to care for.


ankle support and toe protection from rocks

​A durable upper with a lot of cushioning will give you maximum protection if you're going to be doing a downhill mountain biking.

​It should come with ankle support and toe protection from rocks as well as a padded tongue to add more comfort to you.

​The Bottom Line:

​All ​above ​​good mtb flat pedal shoes ​come with designs ​​to plant your feet on the pedals.

​However, our editors had to lean on the “Adidas outdoor Mens Terrex Trail Cross SL,” mainly because of its impeccable performance and impressive Features.

​Editor's choice:

Editor's choice: Adidas outdoor Mens Terrex Trail Cross SL

Via Amazon.com

​Here's why:

  • ​Abrasion-resistant welding and breathable mesh to your keep feet dry, and cool
  • More stability support
  • The Stealth® rubber outsole keeps your grip surprisingly in wet and muddy condition
  • Pedaling-specific lugs patterns for a sturdy grip and maximized pedaling power
  • The sole is a bit stiffer at the ball of your foot to transfer power to the pedals
  • You’ll also get more grip to flat pedals compared to its competitors
  • Withstand any aggressive use and abuse thrown at it
  • The shoe is wide enough to fit any foot thrown at it comfortably
  • The toe box is a nice touch that is made to give your toes a comfortable feel

​So, what's your ​​best mtb shoes for flat pedals? What's your experience using them? Let me know by commenting below.

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