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I’m Keith – founder of iRideUp.com, more than 50 years old and from Colorado, USA. I’m also a grand-dad of 3 kids and a great husband (I think so, lol). Web engineer is my main job but I play mountain bike at weekend.

Keith Anderson - Founder of irideup.com

The first time I know mountain biking is 2011, when I went outdoors with my friend. From that, I realized I loved this two-wheel awesome sport.

Our whole family often goes cycling and camping outdoors where we connect together and enjoy beautiful journey.

I launched this site many years ago and from the deep love of cycling. This is the place where I share my passion, tips, tricks. You can definitely find some helpful reviews from my riding experience. It includes my adventure documents also. No matter if you’re a novice or elite, you’ll find some useful resources in my site.

I practice mountain biking as a discipline for health, challenging myself, enjoying the outdoors and connecting friends. I love the feeling of exploring new trails as well as overcome self limitation.

Thanks for visiting iRideUp.com
Hope to see you on next trails

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