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What To Eat When Cycling Long Distance?

Cycling can be fickle! Often, you can cycle for hours and have the energy to saddle forever. At the same time, you could only go a 20-mile mark with no energy left. You won’t perform optimally or go a long distance if there’s nothing to fuel your body.  You have to give your body the […]

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What Does a Bicycle Tune Up Consist Of?

​If you’re wondering: “what does a bicycle tune up consist of?”, then this list is for you.​Check it out before deciding DIY or bring your bike to a local shop. Quick Navigation ​Bike Maintenance 101​What Does A Bicycle Tune Up Consist Of?​The Basic Tune Up:​1. Cleaning the bike!​2. Adjusting Brakes and Shifting:​Going Beyond Basic:​3.​ Degreasing:​4. […]

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Tubeless vs Tube: What’s the Difference

​Tubeless vs tube — that is a dilemma that every mountain biker must decide. Unless you’re new to the sport, you’re aware of tubeless tires.​But perhaps you’re still not sure if you should make the leap and part with those balloons inside the tires. These pros and cons of tube vs tubeless bike tires ​are […]

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Skate Helmets vs. Bike Helmets – What’s the Difference

​Biking and skating can lead to falls. To keep it safe, the head needs protection, but ​​are skateboard helmets and bike helmets the same?The skate helmets vs. bike helmets decision should start with safety, but after that crucial choice the possibilities are still vast. Helmet functionality matters too. It’s not simply because you would look silly […]

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